Performance for Do and Martin Short (on the way)

Every year when the Summer starts, when the Sun is warmer, it is time to wash the carpets and curtains of my dancing studio. This year I had more things to clean as now I have three pairs of curtains for the stage, each one composed of three parts and on the ceiling I have four pieces of material. As a whole I cleaned almost 50 m X 1,50 m of material, plus 30 m2 of carpet. I also cleaned the foam and material strips that surround the whole studio, some 30 m X 20 cm in total. My studio is carved on the rock and the floor out of wood doesn’t clip to the wall and when my students make reflexology with a small ball… you already guessed, the balls sometimes go into the gaps and disappear for ever.

Unexpected solutions. Unexpected, as it is only at the end of last year that a friend of mine and his wife put me on the way of the stripes ! This solution is more than a thing that avoids me loosing my material, it means that solutions always come, even for things for which you never thought they would have a solution ! I had another similar experience with the ceiling of my studio until another friend presented me a solution. Both solutions took… forty years to come into my life. This is a good lesson ! For me these « material » solutions mean that something similar is going to happen in my life.

Another related phenomenon : of course, I had seen the gaps, of course, I had noticed the ugly ceiling with the marks of rain, but they were facts and nobody had a solution. Now that I have solutions, now that my environmental place of work and pleasure looks really nice, it is as if the past situation had never existed. I cannot even feel the impressions I had before ; it is such a pleasure now, that it has erased all the past ; I know the annoyances have been, but no real remembrance in my body. Great phenomenon !

Do and Martin are my neighbours and as such our lives many times come across. Lately, Martin celebrated his birthday and I thought I could offer him a performance. In between I washed the carpets and they dried in their courtyard that allows me to access to my studio. It was another reason to offer my performance to Do and Martin. Without them my life would be complicated. It is also the moment to say that Scooby lives at their place. Scooby is the dog, that I love, and that fate made them to take care of ! They also have two cats.

I am lucky to have such neighbours as sometimes I need screws, a big bag to carry my things, an advice. Whenever I renew or change something in my studio, Do is the first to come. In return, I take care not to make noise, I sweep the courtyard from time to time, I put some plants to make the place nice and those who come to my studio know how to open and close a door. Strange ? No, not everybody knows how to open and close a door without making noise, unnecessary noise. Sometimes I prefer to wait for my students outside and deal with the door myself. Whenever I have a performance, my public is required to whisper out of the studio.

The performance and my life. In this period, things are all mixed up in my life, like notes of a music and I just know that one note adds to another to finally give a song ; the solutions I mentioned above, some other in different fields and the curtains, carpets, stage, chairs and floor being clean make me feel a big relief and pleasure. All of them are signs announcing something new.

Whenever I have a performance, it is a special moment. My performances are becoming more dance-theater and I try to have a message for the public present. This time I was saying to Do and Martin that I am at the end of a life path and that I would like that the next would offer me the possibility to go on tours and present my performances to enterprises, adults, elderly people and in cafe theaters. It should be possible as my background covers economy, arts, life philosophy and well-being techniques. Suddenly Martin said that there should be some interaction with exercises. Hmm ! Life has sometimes strange ways of letting us know things and or confirming them. We should always pay attention to our environment. The fact is that if some of my dances allow me to talk and have exchanges with my public, the remark of Martin opens me more doors. In fact, in November I had two guests who needed some movements (the friends who helped me with the strips) for their articulations and I showed them what they could do. It just happened like that and I had been thinking at this moment ; this moment was probably turning also around in my studio until Martin came… I felt happy knowing that my public was really listening to me and was with me. In fact fate is showing me my next life path. One of the things that amazes me in this life is that I wanted to offer something to Do and Martin and I at the same time I am getting relevant advices from them. I say from « them » as for me they are just « one ». That is great !

I presented my performance that they found interesting and my movements elegant.

After the performance. Usually the public and me sit for a drink. My favorite drink is Mauler rosé. This time I had a special bottle. Last 30th of December I had another performance and a friend gave me the bottle. I have been keeping it for a special moment.

My Mauler rosé and the Berliner Wine Trophy. I wrote to the wine producer Mauler and they told me that the Berliner Wine Trophy has become the most influential competition in Germany and the most important international wine competition in the world. It acts under the patronage of the Intergovernmental Organisation of Vine and Wine and of the International Union of Oenologists. Every year, this competition brings together renowned producers and distributors of the world and the number of submitted samples is constantly increasing, nearly 15’000 wines per year ! I can say that the Berliner Wine Trophy confirmed my choice !

Do and Martin’s cat Jojo is the famous one that sleeps in banks ; first at the Banque cantonale neuchâteloise and then at the Union de Banque suisse. I thought that his name was « Giogio » because of the English pronunciation and because he is special and, for me, an Italian name suits him so well ! Since the pandemic he is spending more time at home (well, Do and Martin are telecommuting and that is a good reason to spend more time at home !). So, we were drinking our Mauler and suddenly Giogio-Jojo came and installed himself on the stage. Martin said that that was the sign that I was part of the family ! Any way, this cat is very clever. The other day I was in the back of my studio, he came, made « meow » and went out. What was I to do but follow him ? He sat in front of the court yard door knowing already that I would open it for him. He has another way to go out, but when he wants something, he lets it know !

Mia is the other cat of the family. She is very lady, takes her time to make things or to approach people, to our surprise, she also came and laid on the stage after Giogio-Jojo had left. She is a lady, I told you. She has also changed since the pandemic. She used to stay all the time at home, now she prospects the surroundings, she goes for walks. Martin says that she is a completely different cat. So, who is right, Jojo spending more time at home or Mia going for walks during this special period of our history ? Both?

Subjects of discussion : as I said, after the performance, the public and me have a drink. It is the moment to have a relaxed conversation. Excel, my activities, watches (technology, pilot, kai zen)

The day after the performance.

A word about Do. First of all, she is a very nice person and we understand each other very well, and,for me, she has plenty of qualities : first of all, she is the a docker’s daughter. I was working at the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva when containers were introduced in ports. Liverpool (Do was born in Liverpool) fought against them, unfortunately without success. The International Dockers’ Union had done a survey, submitted it to the ILO and I had been in charge of the analysis. Years and years later, Do invites her parents to Neuchâtel and her father tells me that he had been a docker… one of those who had participated to that period. I had always wondered what had happened to all these dockers and life presents me an answer through Albert Golding, a strong and smiling person ! That is a present.

Besides that she is always working. She works in chemistry. I cannot discuss the subject with her but what amazes me is that although she is a rather thin person, she has a tremendous strength. She can carry very very heavy things. It must correspond to her character. Besides that, she has wonderful legs and I am planning to photograph them. Do and Martin have a beautiful car…

A word about Martin. You already know he has a quick mind and speaks spontaneously. He is a skilled person in many subjects. When a friend of mine introduced me to the notion of kai zen I discussed about the subject with friends ; Martin was the only one to know about it. I can also say that he is à la page with the new technology. when I saw this strange square (QR code) everywhere, he said that it was very simple and did it for me just like that. Now I know. Yes, neighbours are useful !

Watchmaking. The subject is special for me. I was not born in Neuchâtel, but in a way the watchmaking is part of myself. When my friend left this world he left some watchmaking documents that I gave to the Watchmaking Museum of Château des Monts, Le Locle. Since then I am in touch in a way or an another with this field. In conversations, we don’t always know how a subject comes. So, discussing withe Do and Martin the subject invited himself and Martin said

Do and Martin are just one. Some years ago they had proposed to the commune of Neuchâtel to install a parc…. Unfortunately the project chosen was the casino. I wonder how it is possible. Neuchâtel would have another aspect and win another public than the one who visits these kind of places.

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