Cinderella, sudoku and life : which common points ?


I am fascinated to see how many common points one finds in so different domains as such mentioned above !

Cinderella. Iteach a course called « Body and Mind Workshop ». It is about life and the way we look at it. But on the background there is the following leitmotiv : in order to be able to go the the prince ball, one needs an invitation ; in order to attend the invitation, one needs a proper dress ; in order to have the appropriate dress you need to have enough money to buy it or to to make it yourself. You also need the accessories that go with it ; before you wear it you must have taken a bath and so on. Once you have all that, you can attend the price ball.

Sudoku. Well, if we have a game grid, we cannot just say : « I want to till this line or that square fors ! » One has to find the logic that induces us to suddenly find the beginning of a line or square, then the same logic drives to to another part of the grid and only when things are ready you can finish the line or square we started with. A sudoku party is not like we want, but once we find the logic we can have a whole.

Life. It is the same with life. It is not what we want that necessarily comes, sometimes even, comes what we wouldn’t like ! It can be that what we want is not good for us or that it is too early for it. Sometimes we also change our minds and life presents us other opportunities, other paths more flowery and sunny than those we would have chosen. Sometimes it is life that drives us from here to there. In the end, life makes also a whole. A More over, if Cinderella is a story in a book, sudoku a game in a grid, all information we get in this life fills our body, our cells. We don’t always thik about this aspect. This whole fills us and we take it with us when we leave this world. Never mind is we don’t believe in a spiritual dimension, it is enough to think « matter », all matter has a memory, a frequency.

The common point between this three domain is that we have to go to the end in order to have a whole. They all present difficulties in order to achieve unity ; but the most difficult by far is life, as it takes a whole life in order to have a whole picture. One cannot say ; »I stop for a while », as our time dimension never stops in our world. Cinderella tale, we can read it for a while and put it aside ; a sudoku grid, we can just give up, but life is our challenge, our stake. The joy when Cinderella meets her prince, the pleasure we have once we have completed a grid, the peace and happiness one must have when we know we have let the life were supposed to…

I could finish the article here, but I think it is important to mention some keys we have at our disposal in order to overcome life difficulties, hindrances. If we read the life of some famous people, if we listen to people around us, and if we pay attention to our way of acting, there is often « intuition ». It is a guide. Very often doubt and fear impeach us to follow it. Further on, there is the role of thought and I had the chance to meet the physicist Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet (link at the bottom of the text) who treats the subjetc very well ; everything we do and think has repercussions, all what we to to others, all what we think of others, all what we do to ourselves, all what we think about ourselves has an effect, absolutely everything and as we constantly are having new cells that we fill in with our memories… I leave the the final word to you.


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