A Tale of Wishes in 2023


New Year is the occasion to make happy wishes.

Wishes and thought. Of course, wishes of New Year are nice ones. One should have only these kind of thoughts. But what interests me this time is the path taken by the wishes I received for this year 2023.

I sent my wishes that, this year, have a different form than the one of previous years.

I receive wishes labelled « Sweet and beautiful year ! » As on this very first day of the year I was running along the lake to take my traditional bath I tell myself that I am going to go with them into the water. At the moment the wishes came into my mind I saw them going into the water as colours. I have no precise words as they were not under a form of a shape, they were just colours. They spread off rather quickly. It was like a painting.

I was under the spell of the vision and it is the water of the lake that reminded or told me – for sure that is another dimension – that she was just frequencies, that the wishes too were frequencies and that they were meant to be together. That made me deeply happy. Even now, when I am writing the story, the sensation-vision remains the same.

Moreover. I also understood that those who will approach the water, as well as those who live under her, are going to benefit from these wishes.

The role of thought. I come back to the subject as everything we think of has consequences. What happened to me is like a fairy tale. So, each person who is going to read this story shall benefit from it and shall also receive my wishes !

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