Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet : peculiar encounter. 14


Allow me to let you know that J.-P. Garnier Malet did not participate to this article and if something goes on the wrong side, I am the only responsible ! Of course, I hope that it is not the case and I would be happy to have your opinion via my Email.

Reading books about History, I tell myself that I would have liked to be present, meet some of the characters, appreciate them while they were alive. This time I am very well served ; apart from the technological changes that I witness and that even I use, there is a peculiar person : Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet, a physicist who is interested in the way thought works and who explains to me how to use it in order not to harm anybody and in order that my life goes well. Everything we think of has an effect. Everything, absolutely everything. We don’t always think of that, or, rather, we are not aware because we have been brought up to see only external things, the material side of everything, the facade, and if we don’t see something, it does not exist for us. It is as simple as that.

Energy of thought. We ignore that a thought is energy. I am not going to play the scientist, but the one who demonstrated that is the famous Albert Einstein with his equation that everybody knows : E = mc2.

Let us take an image to see the way the thought works : the thought and a bank account. I am also economist and even if I don’t have a commercial soul, there is an image that explains it so well : the one of a bank account ; when you put money in, the account grows. If you don’t put anything in, it is empty. Well, thinking works the same way. If we think of something, the account of the thing, its energy, its presence, its field grows.

To think that the fact of thinking has no meaning is an error, an error that very often we ignore. But think of the joy that invades our body whenever we have found a solution that works for somebody who has asked us for help, and think also how our body feels when we get bad news. And if all that has a direct effect on us, it also affects those living around us . Those who pick up that the fastest are children and domestic animals ; our body is the first, but we don’t take time to listen to it.

So, how can we use our thoughts ? Contrary to popular belief, it is not enough to have « positive thoughts » ; something positive for somebody can be negative for somebody else. In this field, Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet says : « Think about doing to others what you would like others think to do to you ». If we grasp the sense of this sentence, we understand that it is not enough to say « don’t do to others what you wouldn’t like others do to you ». So, it is not enough to do something, it is also important what kind of thoughts we have at this time. Then, there is still a subtlety in there as we should not want or make something for other people just because we believe it should be so, because we don’t know exactly what is good for them. So, when we want to do some good to someone, by thought, we should add « if that is what the person needs, if it doesn’t harm him. if it doesn’t harm anybody. I just published an article on this subject. It gives an idea on how to implement this maxim.

I also tell myself that thoughts are alike articles in a store. We think all the time and are alike makers of articles that go on the shelves of a shop, our thoughts go, in this case, in the shelves of the store of life. The store of life as it is not only my store, it belongs to everybody, we all are linked. The thoughts that we have are present, even if we cannot see them, constitute articles available to everyone in the life store and when a consumer walks into the store to stock up, it is better that I have imagined, created, produced nourishing, beautiful and useful things – articles – instead of poison. I like to be of service, and if I produce thoughts that are of service, that help others, I am fulfilled.

The number of shelves is infinite. Voluntarily I do not describe any fact, the labels are enough for the reflection ! It is enough to think, exactly that, to think of the way we act in such or such circumstance to notice that there is a way and a way.

The shelves of the store of life. They fill up as our history passes. On the table above, I don’t mention the shelves where we could lay down the thoughts we have when we go through troubled times. This would only add items that, in fact, no one actually wants !

So, to know that I create my future gives me an enormous responsibility but also a great role to play. It goes even further, as we see on my image of the store of life, that if we create our future, we also create the future of other life consumers, of other people.

All that explains to me why I feel attracted by an Abraham-Louis Breguet, a Serge Alzérat, a Freddy Landry, an André Oppel, a Jacques Collin, a Jean-Pierre Petit, a Didier Raoult, a Pascal Hostachy (the creator of the Projet Voltaire, intended to safeguard the French language), a René Froidevaux (Watchmaker manufacture in Neuchâtel). They are people who have struggled or still struggle for ideas that improve people’s life. However, there is no need to be a character of our History, everybody participates to our adventure ; my student who thanks me because I helped her to discover something that helps her does me good and does her good ; the hotelier who prepares me a nice room, embellishes my life, the guy tho repairs my camera for the pleasure of doing it has my gratitude and the store of life is enriched with a new article. That also means that the list of the people who deserve all my gratitude has no end.

Everybody has a role to play. It is a pity that I am not an engine, a good engine for humanity, but even the employee who sells with pleasure a pen to a Garnier Malet so that he can write his equations is useful, has increased the account of pleasure, of help to others. And if the glance of the seller and of the buyer meet, they know that they are happy and that they wish each other good. I was saying that it was a pity that I am not a mover of humanity but in fact I am a mover, in my own way and when you find your way, you breath a whole different air !

Listening to Garnier Malet, this clever man, we realize that there is a whole lexicon to review. And for me, who loves languages, who loves words, his explanations make me happy. In French, if we take the word « amour » (love), the meaning we know comes from a wrong translation from the word « amoros » in ancient Greek. In fact « moros » concerns the one who is fool, the one who has lost his axis, his center, the one who does not control his thought ! Therefore, « amoros » means the one who has recovered reason, his axis and consequently the one who controls his thought. Amoros has nothing to do with the sense we give to amour (love)… and we perfectly see it as for us love is an emotion. And there is a bunch of these words !

There is still the doubling theory of time and space. The role of the thought is linked to it – but for that I let you attend the Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet’s workshops or read his books in order to understand that past, present and future are bound, exist at the same time but in different spaces. What is also interesting with him is that no technique intervenes, there is no technique to apply, but only vital principles that the ancients knew and that our children apply automatically.

Garnier Malet is somebody who does not climb to be here in order to enlighten the world but to remind what the ancients knew. However he is the one who put all that into equations, as, yes, the doubling theory of time and space, requires equations. This should not scare anyone ; the simple bank account of normal logic is enough. When you know that a child applies it…

To change our way of thinking implies… to change our way of thinking… is nothing but that, you change your way of thinking ! Listening to Garnier Malet, I remembered that one autumn day, wanting to help a friend who had a garden, I started to pick up the leaves fallen from the trees. There was a bunch of them. After a while I told myself that it had to mean something and that it was the opportunity for me to « pick up » my « sins » (in the sens we give to the word in our era, because the original word, just like love, has been distorted), symbolically, of course ; but there were so many that I thought that I was also picking up the sins of the whole family ! That was long ago. Listening to Garnier Malet, I notice that I was not far from the account, with the difference that the thoughts (the leaves I picked up) that surround us are ours, those of our family, of our society, of our temporal cycle.

More specifically, when we change our way of thinking, we can no longer blame somebody who reacts in a way, let us say, contrary to our mood or our desires. Our whole way of functioning takes another color, to take a metaphor.

2022 is the year of his last publication whose front cover you have here :

Whenever I look at this image, I feel a deep joy !

We can never be on somebody’s else mind, but I am pretty sure that Garnier Malet must be extremely happy to have published a book with a scientist content and at the same time for the public. Actually, he mentions the works of other scientists who are in his way. That must be a great comfort for him. Let’s not forget the French editor. Allow me to thank him. And I come back to what I wrote at the beginning of this article : I have always dreamed of participating in a change of History. Tine has come and here I am ! That makes me feel… You can guess

The book has been translated into Spanish and will be published in English around September.

2023. Things change as now other official publications go in his sens.

  • Benjamin Libet : experimental anticipation = 0,7 to 0,5 second ;
  • Alain Aspet : entanglement of duplicated particles (immediate exchange of information) ;
  • Jean-Pierre Garnier Malet : discovery ot the Garma singularity between the Sun and the Earth = anticipation by duplication of times (*).

Consequence : a vital common anticipation (misnamed telepathy, premonition or clairvoyance). The anticipatory information is immediately at the disposal of and for the whole of participants (this is the purpose of doubling times!). It is enough know how to use this vital principle, the logic and simplicity of which cannot be questioned by anyone. « 

* The doubling of times implies imperceptible temporal openings of 0,666 and of 0,333 second, it means 2/3 et 1/3 in the role of the solar astronomic system (and of the space Earth – Moon) in the transmission of vital information (law of 2/3).

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